Accessing the Sphere Encoders through Bonjour

The sphere encoders can be accessed via Bonjour on a Mac or Windows.

  • Sphere Encoder 1 contains the streaming license.
  • Sphere and Computer must reside on same subnet
  • Network cannot block multicast DNS (Bonjour).


  • Open Safari
  • Go to Safari Preferences: Advanced
  • Click "Include Bonjour in the Bookmarks menu" and "Include Bonjour in the Favorites bar"

  • Access the Sphere encoders via the Favorites Menu or Bookmarks Menu



  • Download
  • Open Bonjour Browser
  • Find the IP address of the device and go straight to it (with no :1)
  • You can also go to the DNS name http://sphere-xxxx-y.local.  (http://sphere-00023-1.local.)


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