What is the Harmonized Tariff Code for Teradek products?


The Tariff Code (aka HTS Number, HTS Code, HS Number or HS Code) used for international shipments from Teradek to the reseller/end user is 8525.50.3040.



  • IMPORTANT: Customers outside the United States must first check with their own Customs Authority and register the merchandise before sending it to Teradek for repair. Every country's Customs Authority has a different procedure and documentation requirement for repairs, so it is important to follow this registration procedure before shipping the merchandise back to Teradek.

  • For international returns, you must pay all applicable duties and customs charges for shipments to and from Teradek in compliance with your Customs Authority regulations.

  • You should use Tariff Code 9801.00.1012 (specifying items of U.S.origin returned for repair) on the shipment to Teradek so that no duties are assessed for this portion of the return. If this code is not used, and duties are improperly assessed against Teradek, then at Teradek’s discretion these duties and fees may be charged back to the customer, and the shipment may not be returned until these duties and fees have been paid.

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