Accessing the Cube at the factory default IP address for Ethernet or Wi-Fi

There are two possible methods of accessing a Cube on the local network, wired Ethernet (present on all Cubes) and Wi-Fi (only on Wi-Fi capable models, refer to this article for help identifying your Cube).


The factory default setting for the Ethernet port is DHCP. There is no static / assigned IP address for the Ethernet port.

  • If a DHCP server is present on the network, the Cube will obtain an IP address from that server. The IP address will be accessible using the menu buttons and display of the Cube for models with a display, or in the router or DHCP server's DHCP client lease table.
  • If a DHCP server is not present on the network or the Cube does not receive a response from the server, it will automatically assign itself a link-local IP address in the 169.254.x.x IP address range for link-local addresses.

This link-local IP address can also be used for direct cable connections between the Cube and a computer that is has an address in the link-local IP address range. Computers set for DHCP can auto-assign in this range, or you can manually specify an IP address in the link-local IP range.

NOTE: a crossover cable is not required for direct computer connection, Teradek products use Auto MDI-X to configure the connection to the computer.

However, if the computer has multiple network interfaces (e.g. two Ethernet ports, or one Ethernet port and one Wi-Fi adapter) you may need to disable all network interfaces except for the Ethernet port being used to connect to the Cube. Otherwise, your computer may try to access the Cube using the wrong network interface.


The TeraCentral app will try to access the Cube in your default web browser using the hostname advertisement presented by the Cube over Ethernet (e.g. "cube-255-00169.local").

If a connection is not established in the web browser, you should try connecting to the actual IP address assigned to the Cube.



The factory default setting for current generation Cubes is Access Point (AP) mode, sometimes referred to as "Master" Mode in tutorial videos.

The AP mode Wi-Fi network name will start with "Teranet" or "Cubelet", and the default IP address of the Cube in AP mode is

AP mode allows the Cube to create a standalone Wi-Fi network allowing computers, phones, or tablets to connect to the Cube and and change configuration settings.

NOTE: there is no Internet access for the Cube in AP mode, it is an isolated Wi-Fi network that just allows access between the Cube and devices on the same Wi-Fi network generated by the Cube. Network access is not bridged between the Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections on the Cube, so devices connected to the Cube in AP mode will not receive network access through the Cube's Ethernet port.


The above applies to all 1st generation Cubes with dual band (2.4 / 5 GHz) Wi-Fi radios, and all 2nd generation and 3rd generation Cubes. 

For older 1st generation Cubes with single band (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi, the factory default Wi-Fi mode is an "ad hoc" wireless network.

There is no default IP address in ad hoc mode, each Cube device will assign itself a link-local IP address.

Single band Cubes have a network adapter which is not capable of using the newer AP mode, and are limited to ad hoc mode.


Since the ad hoc network method may not work well with some Apple or Android devices, it is recommended that these 1st generation single band Cubes only be used in Client mode connected to another wireless access point or router.

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