What streaming protocols are supported by the Clip product line?

There are two (2) built-in streaming protocols on the Clip and Clip Pro encoder, and one (1) optional paid license for the Clip / Clip Pro Encoder.



TDS (Teradek Streaming) : the Clip or Clip Pro acts as a client to push out a TDS (Teradek Streaming) stream to a unicast or multicast IP address and port.

Live:Air : the Clip / Clip Pro encoder can also act as a source to stream to the Teradek Live:Air and Live:Air Solo apps for iOS.



RTSP/RTP : The RTSP License is a one-time, non-recurring purchase of $400 for a single Clip or Clip Pro encoder.

It allows the Clip encoder to act as an RTSP/RTP server for clients such as a Clip / Clip Pro Decoder, Cube Decoder, Slice Decoder, T-RAX Decoder, or software such as VLC Media Player or vMix.

The license may be purchased directly from Teradek through the online store.



Other streaming protocols such as MPEG Transport Stream, RTMP, or Zixi are not supported on the Clip series.


Applies to:

  • Clip (original)
  • Clip Pro
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