Where can I download the Sputnik server software?

Final public release : Sputnik version 2.5.2

Teradek has recently changed its policy and updates to Sputnik are no longer provided for standalone, self-installed / customer-created physical or virtual servers.

The final public release is Sputnik version 2.5.2, and this is available from the following links:


Customers may continue to use Sputnik version 2.5.2 in standalone configurations.


Sputnik updates will primarily focus on new features for integration with Core. Additional information on Core is available at these links:


How do I obtain more recent versions of Sputnik?

Sputnik updates beyond version 2.5.2 are available in the following scenarios:


  1. Preconfigured physical Sputnik servers (desktop or rackmount form factor) purchased from Teradek (link to Teradek online shop) or an authorized reseller
  2. Core-deployed virtual Sputnik servers, or self-installed Sputnik instances on an active Core subscription


If you purchased a preconfigured Sputnik server:

  • email with the serial number and service tag on the preconfigured Sputnik server
  • if the server was purchased from a reseller, please include a copy of the dated sales receipt in PDF format
  • once the purchase information is confirmed, your user account in the Teradek Help Center will be added to a private download area which contains Sputnik software

If you have an active Core subscription:

  • refer to the instructions in your Core account for downloading and installing Sputnik
  • once the Sputnik software is installed on a system the Core interface can be used to perform updates
  • updates to Sputnik or support for those servers will not be available if a Core subscription is cancelled


For questions or concerns regarding this policy change please email

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