What are the IFB audio characteristics on Beam?

What is the pinout for IFB?

The audio pinout is stereo input/output.

From the tip, the standard configuration is Left, Right, Ground or + , - , Ground.


What audio input level is accepted for IFB on the Beam?

The audio input is unbalanced Line Level on both the TX and the RX.

The audio jacks are not compatible with Mic Level signals; this is a hardware limitation on the modules used inside the Beam which cannot be changed through a firmware update, and is outside of Teradek's control.

One customer reported using a Sonifex CM-BH4WX belt-pack system on the Beam TX unit to interface the Beam with a 2-wire intercom system.  You would need XLR-m and XLR-f to 1/8 Balanced Cable. 

On the Beam RX, you would need a 2-wire to line level device such as a Portacom PGM-2000.  You would also need 1/4 Unbalanced to 1/8 Balanced cables.

What are the encoding parameters for IFB audio?

The IFB audio has 8 kHz sampling and 16bit ADC.

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