The Cube Fails to Start or is stuck on booting: Placing the Cube in to Recovery Mode



  • The cube fails to start, fails during booting or is stuck in a loop during the booting process
  • The LCD display remains stuck on "Starting system" during power on or bootup of the device


Cube Recovery Mode

Only activate Recovery mode if you cannot:

  1. Factory Reset your product
  2. Upgrade Firmware
  3. Access your product's web interface

NOTE: Recovery Mode will reset all configuration settings and remove all pre-installed licenses.

To change network settings on a Windows PC to access a Cube in Recovery Mode, refer to the following:

Recovery Mode on PC:

  • For Cube xx5 units with an LCD display and older Recovery Mode firmware, the screen might show an incorrect IP address of Use an IP address of regardless of what is shown on the LCD display
  • Cube Pro / Bond Pro units should use the button labeled "2" for placing the unit in Recovery Mode

As background, there are two types of firmware for Teradek products:

 * the Main (or Codec firmware for Cube Pro and Bond Pro) firmware when the device boots up normally, streams to iPads or RTMP servers, etc.
 * the Recovery firmware which is loaded only when you specifically place the device in Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a limited mode that just allows you to do a forced reload of the Main firmware to get it operational again.

However, if you do Recovery Mode with an older Recovery Mode Firmware Partition loaded on the device, then you would need to do the Main firmware update twice in order to have this change take effect.

Therefore, please do this procedure:

1. place the device in Recovery Mode with the instructions in the above video

2. while the device is in Recovery Mode, load the Main or Codec firmware you downloaded from
3. after Recovery Mode is complete and the device is booting normally, update the Main firmware from the regular web page update a second time (even though it is already running that same version ).

4. finally, update your device with the most recent Recovery Firmware from the same download page (

An updated Recovery Firmware of version 2 or higher will prevent the need for a "double update" in case your device has to enter Recovery Mode in the future.





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