VidiU Pro may reboot when battery is low and power is inserted or removed


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When a VidiU Pro's internal battery has discharged to approximately the 50% level or lower, the VidiU Pro may reboot itself in the following circumstances:

1. when external power input (e.g. AC adapter or power cable from an external battery) is plugged in to the DC power input jack on the VidiU Pro

2. when external power input  is removed from the VidiU Pro's DC power input jack



This issue is related to the power input circuitry on the VidiU Pro; the hardware engineering team has determined that the device may not always switch between internal battery and external power sources quickly enough, so the device may reboot when the battery is low.

There is no hardware fix available for this issue, and the below workarounds are suggested.



1. Use external power input accessories (battery packs) to ensure that the VidiU Pro's internal battery is always above the 50% threshold.

2. If the VidiU Pro is being run off of the internal battery, be sure to apply external power to charge and power the VidiU Pro before it reaches the 50% level.


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