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SmallHD integrated wireless monitors - is pairing possible with Teradek Bolt Manager?




  • Mark Davis

    How does updating the RX/TX firmware work then for these integrated monitors?

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  • Marshall Main

    For integrated Wireless units (500, Sidekick ii : i.e. HD) [they have been discontinued] but updating the monitor firmware will update the Wireless units as well.  This does not apply to newer versions of Wireless (4K+).

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  • Daniel Paul Stewart Jr

    I'm not able to update firmware and pair my SmallHD Indie 7 with Bolt 4K to the Bolt 4K LT 750 transmitter. I've tried downloading firmware updates to my SD card, but the monitor won't register anything on the card. Also receiving this error message when trying to pair: RX Reg Data / No RX registration data returned. 

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