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Bolt 10K Best Practices




  • Justice Abwinoalikuti Kangulu

    how many transmitters can connect to the bolt 10k receiver?


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  • Robert Grana

    You can connect one compatible Bolt transmitter with a Bolt 10K receiver.

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  • Caleb Strong

    I saw that on one page, the Bolt 10k was listed as a transceiver. Does the 10k act as both a receiver and transmitter? every where else seems to have it listed as a receiver. If it does act as both a Tx and Rx, how many RX can one TX transmit to at once?

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  • HAV

    Caleb Strong - no its not. This is just the receiver. "transceiver set", as shown in the webshop, means you get one TX and one RX. In fact, the transmiter it comes with is just a 3K, there's no such thing as a Teradek 10K transmiter

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