1st gen Sidekick outputs black screen during pairing process


  • 1st gen Sidekick receiver



  • firmware package 2.0.3 and earlier



The video format output by the Sidekick receiver during the pairing process is based in part on the last received video format.

If you send a 720p60, 720p59.94 or 720p50 through the TX to which the Sidekick was connected, the Sidekick will output 720p60 during the pairing process.

However, if you last transmitted any 1080pXX resolution through the TX, the Sidekick will output 1080p60 during pairing.

Many smaller monitors as well as some production monitors cannot handle a 3G-SDI / 1080p60 video format, so the monitor may display a black screen.


This issue is being examined by our engineering team. A workaround is listed below.





1. send a 720p50/720p59.94/720p60 video signal through the TX prior to starting the pairing process on the Sidekick


2. force the Sidekick to output a 720p60 video signal during the pairing process (regardless of the last video signal that was transmitted):

  • connect the Sidekick receiver to a computer running the Bolt Manager software
  • in Bolt Manager, go to Status, click Send Message, and type storage 24 = 1 then click OK
  • power cycle the Sidekick receiver, then start the pairing process again


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