What network ports are required for streaming with ShareLink?

When the ShareLink service is enabled, the following port ranges must be allowed for connections out to a ShareLink server:

  • outbound port range 1024 through 65535/TCP : outbound streaming to the ShareLink servers using the TCP protocol (default)
  • outbound port range 1024 through 65535/UDP : outbound streaming to the ShareLink servers using the UDP protocol (only used if the ShareLink protocol is changed from TCP to UDP on the encoder)

If these outbound port ranges are blocked then it may not be possible for the encoder to make a connection to the ShareLink server on that particular network interface (Ethernet, USB modem, Wi-Fi, or iOS device with the corresponding app).

Other network interfaces which were not blocked could still contribute to the stream from the encoder to the ShareLink server.

Outbound port blocking may be encountered on shared network connections at public venues (hotels, airports, coffee shops) or at facilities with restrictive security settings such as school, government, or business networks.

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