Understanding Core subscription and billing cycles

Core subscription periods are available on a monthly or an annual basis. 

A Core subscription is intended to be an always-active service, and is not designed to be cancelled and re-started at will.

If a Core subscription is cancelled:

  • The Core account will stay active through the end of the subscription billing period (monthly or annual) -- a refund is not issued for the remaining time on the subscription
  • the Sputnik servers in the account will be decommissioned, and any saved recordings and other data will be purged at the end of the subscription billing period. Be sure to download any saved recordings before the end of the subscription.



NOTE: it is not possible to modify the billing start/end date of Core subscriptions at this time. Subscription periods are always based on the original date that a Core subscription was initiated.

If you cancel and then reactivate your Core subscription at a later time, the billing period will be based on the original cycle.

For example:


  • If your original billing start date was May 18th and you cancel before June 18th, you will still have the use of Core through the end of your initial billing period.
  • If you reactivate your subscription on July 1st, the subscription time for that reactivated cycle will run through July 18th (corresponding to the original billing period).
  • The next full subscription cycle would start from July 18th through August 18th.
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