Audio input specifications on the VidiU product line

Analog audio input

The VidU and VidiU Pro have a single 3.5 mm (1/8") audio input jack with tip ring sleeve / TRS pin-out for unbalanced audio input -- balanced audio input is not supported. 

Mono and stereo audio input are supported, and configuration is under user control using the device's front panel, the VidiU app, or a web browser.

Line level and Mic level analog audio input are supported, and the input level configuration is also under user control.

NOTE: the analog audio input does not provide either plug-in power or phantom power to devices connected to the analog audio input. Microphones must be externally powered to be used with the device.

Voltage level is the consumer audio (-10dBV) rather than the professional audio (+4dBu) signal level.

The analog audio input circuit expects an input of 0.5Vrms (0 dB). The circuit can handle a nominal 0.707 Vpeak and a maximum 0.9 Vpeak.

The input impedance for Single-ended Stereo Operation is 20k.


Headphone / looped audio output

A single 3.5 mm audio output jack (TRS pin-out) is present on the VidiU and VidiU Pro to allow local monitoring.

The audio settings on the looped output are not adjustable.


NOTE: the VidiU Mini does not have analog audio input or the headphone / looped output.


Embedded audio input

The VidiU, VidiU Mini and VidiU Pro support (2) channels of embedded audio on the HDMI / Type A connector (VidiU and VidiU Pro) or the Micro HDMI / Type D connector (VidiU Mini).

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