Is a Sputnik server required to be used with the Bond?

A Sputnik server is required to use any bonded uplink functionality because the Sputnik server must receive the individual streams and recombine them to a single outbound stream.

A Sputnik server is required when:


  • any of the 5 USB ports are used on the original Bond model
  • any of the 6 USB ports are used on the Bond II or Bond Pro model
  • a combination of ports (built-in Wi-Fi in Client mode, built-in Ethernet, and USB port) is used on the 3rd generation Cube and the mode is set to Sputnik in the interface


A Sputnik server is not required when:

  • a Cube and Bond (original), Bond II, or Bond Pro is configured for the "Encoder Only" or "Single" mode to send to a single streaming destination over the built-in Wi-Fi or built-in Ethernet 
  • a 3rd generation Cube is streaming direct to destination using just a single network interface (built-in Wi-Fi, built-in Ethernet, or USB modem)
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