Which Teradek devices connect to the Bond product line?

The original Bond (5 USB ports) is compatible with 1st and 2nd generation Cube Encoder models with an external USB port. See this article for information on identifying your Cube model.

The Bond II and Bond Pro (6 USB ports) have a built-in encoder and do not require an external Teradek encoder such as the Cube, Slice, or T-RAX.

NOTE: the original Bond model does not physically attach to Teradek Decoders with a USB cable to provide bonded download capability. The original Bond only connects to a Teradek Encoder over USB cable to allow bonded upload capability on the outbound stream.

Once the Sputnik server receives the multiple incoming streams from the Teradek encoder, they are recombined to a single outbound stream to go to a Teradek or 3rd party decoder or streaming service provider.

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