RESOLVED: Sphere HDMI cannot power GoPro Hero 5 cameras


  • Sphere (HDMI input only)



When some earlier revision Sphere HDMI units are connected to a GoPro Hero 5 camera with the USB power cable, and the GoPro Hero 5 camera does not have the internal battery installed, the camera will not be able to be powered over USB by the Sphere.

This only applies to the GoPro Hero 5 camera which was released after the Sphere, and does not affect the GoPro Hero 4 or earlier models

Only Sphere HDMI serial numbers of 36000289 and earlier should be affected.



This requires a hardware modification to the Sphere by Teradek.

Once the hardware update is applied, the Sphere will be able to power GoPro Hero 5 cameras that do not have the battery installed in the camera.

Please contact Support with the serial number of your Sphere HDMI unit, and reference this article to start the RMA process.



If the GoPro Hero 5 has the internal battery installed, it can be powered by the USB output from the Sphere unit. 


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