How to install a the RTSP license and stream to multiple clients

The RTSP license allows 1-3 iOS devices to connect and receive a stream from the Clip.  


Once you have received the license code:

  • Navigate to the IP address of the Clip (usually if you are connecting directly).
  • Click "System Settings": "Licenses": "Manage Licenses": "Add Licenses"
  • Copy and Paste the text in.
  • The device will reboot


Once the Clip has the license installed:

  • Go to "Video Settings"
  • Click "RTSP Server" enabled.


On the iPad

  • Make sure you are on the same network, or directly connected to the Clip
  • Open the Teraview App and it will load a thumbnail of the stream that you can connect.
  • You can also use VLC for iPad to playback the Clip. When in AP mode the address is: rtsp://
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