Which Bolt models allow manual frequency / channel selection?

You can limit different Bolt sets to only use certain channels if there is known interference on the same frequency ranges used by the Bolt product line, or when operating multiple Bolt sets in the same area. 

The following models allow you to manually choose frequencies available for use by the Bolt:

  • 1st gen Bolt 2000 [1] 
  • 2nd gen Bolt 600 [2]
  • 2nd gen Bolt 2000 [2]
  • 3rd gen Bolt 1000 [2]
  • 3rd gen Bolt 3000 [2]

[1] you can select frequencies using either the Bolt Utility software or the Bolt Manager software; use the same program which was last used to update the Bolt set

[2] you can select the frequencies using (a) the Bolt Manager software while connected to the transmitter / TX unit, or (b) the menu buttons and display on the receiver / RX unit


NOTE: manual frequency selection / channel assignment is not available on the following Bolt models:

  • 1st gen Bolt Standard
  • 1st gen Bolt Pro
  • 2nd gen Bolt 300
  • 3rd gen Bolt 500
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