Using an iPad or iPhone over a wired Ethernet connection

An iPad running recent versions of iOS can be connected to a wired Ethernet connection using a USB to Ethernet adapter and additional Apple accessories.

The below links describe the different items which are needed (Apple USB to Ethernet adapter, Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, Apple power adapter and Lightning cables):

Using a wired Ethernet connection can help in situations where there is significant wireless interference that would otherwise prevent the use of the built-in Wi-Fi on an iOS device for stitching, streaming or local monitoring.

  • When the iPad performing the stitch is connected over Ethernet and the built-in Wi-Fi is disabled, the video streams from the Sphere will reach the iPad on the wired connection.
  • All outbound streams from the iPad performing the stitch -- RTMP to Wowza or YouTube Live, streams to Core, or local monitoring streams for other iOS devices on the same network -- will be sent out over that same wired connection.

This same technique can be used on other iOS devices (additional iPads not performing the stitch or iPhones) which are locally monitoring the stream from the iPad.

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