Understanding ShareLink subscription and billing cycles


ShareLink subscription periods are for one month and are based on the original date used for subscription.

ShareLink subscriptions can be cancelled and re-started at will -- it's not necessary to maintain an active ShareLink subscription for those months where you are not streaming or do not wish to use the ShareLink service.


NOTE: it is not possible to modify the billing start/end date of ShareLink subscriptions at this time.

If you cancel and then reactivate your ShareLink subscription at a later time, the billing period will be based on the original cycle.

For example:


  • if your original billing start date was May 18th and you cancel before June 18th, you will still have the use of ShareLink through the end of your initial billing period
  • if you reactivate your subscription on July 1st, the subscription time for that reactivated cycle will run through July 18th (corresponding to the original billing period)
  • the next full subscription cycle would start from July 18th through August 18th
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