Recovery Mode procedure for Slice Encoder / Slice Decoder

There are two types of firmware for most Teradek products:

  • the Main firmware when the device boots up normally, streams to iPads with RTSP/RTP or sends MPEG Transport Stream or RTMP streams to servers, etc.
  • the Recovery firmware which is loaded only when you specifically place the device into Recovery Mode


Recovery Mode is a limited operation mode that allows you to do a forced reload of the Main firmware.

However, if perform the Recovery Mode procedure with an older Recovery Mode Firmware Partition loaded on the device, then you would need to do the Main firmware update twice in order to have this change take effect.


Step 1

If you don't already have current Slice firmware on the computer system which will be used to perform the Recovery Mode procedure, download the most recent Main firmware from here:


Step 2

For a Slice Encoder: 

  • The button used to place the Slice Encoder into Recovery Mode is not externally accessible.
  • Remove the top screws of the chassis and take off the top part of the case to locate the small white button near the Ethernet port on the Slice Encoder's internal board.
  • This button must be pressed and held in while turning on the Slice Encoder to allow it to boot into Recovery Mode, as described further below. 

For a Slice Decoder: 

  • The button to place the Slice Decoder into Recovery Mode is externally accessible.
  • It is located on the rear of the Slice Decoder near the Ethernet and USB ports, and is marked with circular arrows.



Step 3

After locating the button for the Slice Encoder or Slice Decoder, follow the instructions in this separate video on how to perform the recovery; the video is for Cube but the process is similar on Slice:



Step 4

While the device is in Recovery Mode, load the most recent Main firmware you downloaded from (e.g. Slice firmware 7.3.9)


Step 5

After Recovery Mode is complete and the device is booting normally, check the firmware version reported for the Recovery Mode firmware in the device's web page using the Info > About menu.

If it reports Recovery Mode firmware version 0 or 1, you MUST do the following steps:

  1. update your device with the Main firmware using the standard web page upgrade procedure a second time (even though it is already running that same version of the Main firmware) using the regular update procedure in the web page (System > Firmware Upgrade)
  2. Once the Main firmware upgrade is complete, update the device to the most current version of the Recovery Firmware that is listed on the download page for the device ( ).



This updated Recovery Firmware will prevent the need for the "double update" (step 5 above) in case your device needs the perform the Recovery Mode procedure in the future.

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