How to update billing information or change a ShareLink subscription

ShareLink billing and subscription information can be changed through website, including but not limited to the following:

  • Update credit card billing information.
  • Change the ShareLink subscription level from Basic to Unlimited
  • Cancel a ShareLink subscription
  • Reactivate a ShareLink subscription


1. Log in the Teradek Cloud Services website at with your email address and password.

2. Under the ShareLink logo, select your name.

3. Select Manage Subscription.


  • To change from Basic to Unlimited, or Unlimited to Basic, choose the radio button in front of your desired plan and select Update Subscription.
  • To cancel a ShareLink subscription, select Cancel subscription.
  • To reactivate a ShareLink subscription, select Renew subscription.


4. to change credit card information select Payments, then select Update Card.


5. to obtain an invoice, select Payments, then click view for the invoice billing period.


NOTE: if you are requesting a partial refund on your ShareLink service, a credit card must be present on the account. It is not possible for Teradek to issue refunds without a valid card in place. Do not remove a credit card until any pending refunds have been issued.




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