How is the Data Transfer quota measured on my Core account?

Core accounts at the Starter, Basic, Premium and Enterprise level have a quota on Data Transfer levels.

This quota applies to outbound data sent from a Core-controlled Sputnik server. This includes the following methods:

  • RTMP streams sent to destinations including Ustream, Livestream, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or Wowza.
  • MPEG Transport Stream / MPEG-TS streams pushed out to a destination IP address and port.
  • MPEG Transport Stream / MPEG-TS streams pulled down to a Cube Decoder, Slice Decoder, T-RAX Decoder card, or to software clients such as VLC Media Player.



This Data Transfer quota does not apply to:

  • Streams sent from Teradek Encoders in to a Core-controlled Sputnik server.
  • Streams sent between Teradek Encoders and Decoders that are associated with a Core account, but operating in the Remote Management Only mode. Remote Management Only allows Core to control the devices, but the streams are sent directly from the Teradek Encoder to a destination without passing through a Sputnik server (e.g. Cube Decoder, Wowza Streaming Engine, RTMP CDN, etc.).


NOTE: at this time, the quota is not implemented on Core and limits are not currently enforced.

Once the Data Transfer quota is activated, the Core Dashboard will display usage stats to allow monitoring of the quota amount used on the account.

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