Cube: Streaming to Facebook Live

Getting Started

Power on your CUBE.

Make sure a video source is connected via SDI or HDMI and powered on.


Connecting and Accessing Your CUBE

Toggle the black button to Network Setup.

Make sure your Cube is connected and has access to the internet.

Check the status of your network, whether you’re using WiFi, ethernet, or 3G and remember the IP address.

To connect to the Cube’s web interface, on your computer, type in the IP address of the network that Cube is connected to.

The default password to the login is admin.

Using the Web UI

In the web UI, under the video setup dropdown menu, go to Stream Settings.

Under Stream Mode, choose Live Internet Streaming.

Under Service Provider, choose Facebook.

Now, you will need to authorize your Cube device to stream to Facebook. Click Authorize Device with Facebook. You must complete this part of the process before streaming.

A code will be generated for you as well as a link: Click the link and enter your code into the blank box.


Click Continue. Next, you will be asked to approve privacy settings, such as permission to post to your page and who can see your posts.

After you finish, click OK. Next, return to the Cube Web UI. Click Continue. Now you can customize your stream, such as which page to stream it to, title and privacy. After you finish, click Apply.

After your settings save, you will now be able to click Go Live! Click Go Live! when you are ready.

You are now live on Facebook!

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    Amanda Blackburn

    "Failed to Login to your Facebook account." Is there somewhere I have to go to set it up first?

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    Christopher Wolff

    I'm logged into my facebook account through the Cube and have the app authorized.  When I try to go live I get a red error on the Cube web gui stating Facebook API: Unauthorized.  Any suggestions?

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