What network ports are required for streaming and device operation?

The following ports are used by the VidiU, VidiU Mini and VidiU Pro to allow streaming RTMP as well as local device control:

  • outbound port 1935/TCP : outbound streaming over RTMP to most streaming providers
  • outbound port 80/TCP : outbound streaming over RTMP to Facebook Live
  • outbound port 2543/TCP : VidiU speed test function, not required for streaming operation -- only to run the built-in speed test to a Teradek-hosted server at a specific IP address
  • outbound port 443/TCP (HTTPS) : used for authentication with the built-in providers such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Ustream, Livestream, and Twitch
  • outbound port 53/UDP (DNS) used for DNS lookups converting hostnames to IP addresses
  • local port 80/TCP (HTTP) : local access to the built-in Web UI of the VidiU for configuration and stream control, as described in this article
  • local multicast DNS on port 5353 (aka Apple's Bonjour) : service advertisement sent out by the VidiU to the local network, advertising local clients to connect with the VidiU app for iOS as described in this article

The minimum required would be RTMP and DNS to allow functionality to a remote RTMP server under the customer's own control, such as Adobe Media Server or Wowza Streaming Engine.

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