Operating temperature display on 2nd / 3rd gen Bolt units

There is an OLED display on 2nd and 3rd generation Bolt RX units which will indicate the temperature on the unit.

If the temperature reaches 85 degrees Celsius or higher this could affect device operation.

The following will occur elevated temperatures are reached:

  • when the Bolt RX heats to 85 C (internal temperature), an "overheating" message along with the current temperature appears on (a) the OLED display on the RX, and (b) as an overlay in the video signal output from the RX. Operation of the keypad / joystick on the RX is blocked.
  • if the Bolt RX cools down to below 83 Celsius after reaching  after that, unit reboots.
  • if the temperature goes above 88 Celsius, the OLED display will show "overheating, turn off the unit", and there will be no video output for 30 seconds. The signal strength LEDs on the RX will blink during this time. After 30 seconds the receiver will be rebooted.


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