RESOLVED: T-RAX Encoder / Decoder card does not appear in Core or Sputnik


  • T-RAX Encoder card with serial numbers between 10700077 and 10700716
  • T-RAX Decoder card with serial numbers between 10600184 and 10600479



  • all


T-RAX Encoder or Decoder cards which are programmed with an incorrect serial number will not be usable with Core or Sputnik.

Identifying symptoms include the following:

  • if the serial number of the specific T-RAX card is examined in the T-RAX's web interface, the card may show a greater than 8 digit serial number such as "1883255904", or a negative value for the serial number such as "-2009058208"
  • T-RAX Encoder and Decoder cards will not appear in a Teradek Core account even though they have been configured to use a Sputnik server controlled by Core
  • T-RAX cards may show a serial number of "11111111" on the web dashboard of the Sputnik server to which they are connected



1. download the T-RAX Codec card EEPROM update to your computer:

T-RAX Codec card EEPROM update

2. upload the EEPROM update file through the Web UI of the T-RAX in the same manner as other firmware updates for the Codec card

3. once the update is complete and the Codec card has rebooted, it should have a serial number in the expected range (starting with 107 for Encoder cards, 106 for Decoder cards) and it should now work with Sputnik and Core


If this does NOT resolve the issue and the Codec card is not visible in Core even though it has a correct serial number, outbound ports on the network may be blocked. Please refer to the guides within Core on which ports are required for access, or contact Support for further assistance.

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