RESOLVED : Bond Pro : pop / clicking / noise on audio after firmware update


  • Bond Pro


  • Codec firmware version 7.3.0 or later
  • FPGA version 7 or later


Pops, clicks, snaps, or other audio distortion may be heard in the stream from a Bond Pro after it is updated to Codec firmware version 7.3.0 or later.

The update to Codec firmware 7.3.0 automatically includes an update to FPGA version 7.

However, FPGA version 7 can cause these symptoms on some hardware revisions used in the Bond Pro design, and those units require the use of FPGA version 6.

There is no loss in functionality by running version FPGA version 6 instead of version 7.



1. download FPGA version 6 to your computer:

Bond Pro FPGA version 6 download link

2. upload FPGA version 6 through the Web UI of your Bond Pro in the same manner as other firmware updates (Codec / Co-processor firmware) in the System > Firmware Upgrade menu

3. once the update is complete and the Bond Pro has completely rebooted, power off the Bond Pro then power it back on and test the video stream


  • If this resolves the issue, you will need to manually revert to FPGA version 6 each time the Bond Pro has its firmware update, as newer Codec firmware versions will automatically install FPGA version 7 or a later version
  • If this does NOT resolve the issue and you're still hearing audio distortion after downgrading the FPGA to version 6 and power cycling the Bond Pro unit, contact Support and include the serial number of your Bond Pro. The serial number can be found in the Web interface of the product under Info > About.

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