What are the power draw requirements for Sphere?

Sphere has (3) areas of power draw -- the main system power consumption, the USB ports on Sphere, and the PoE output on Sphere.



Sphere can draw up to 18 Watts for the system when the encoders are set to the maximum setting of 1080p at 5 Mbps per encoder.



There are (4) USB ports which can each deliver 5 Volts at a maximum of 1 Amp, giving a total of 20 Watts maximum.


Power over Ethernet / PoE

Sphere can deliver from 24 to 56 Watts over its PoE output, based on (a) the input voltage which can range from 12 to 28 Volts, and (b) a fused maximum of 2 Amps on the PoE output.



If all three components are in use, the approximate maximum power draw for Sphere encoding at maximum settings is 18 Watts + 20 Watts + 56 Watts = 94 Watts

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