What wireless access points (AP) have been tested with Sphere's PoE output?

The following wireless access points are compatible with the Passive PoE output from Sphere:



  • NanoStation M2
  • NanoStation M5
  • NanoStation Loco M2
  • NanoStation Loco M5
  • Rocket M2
  • Rocket M5


Refer to the list of Ubiquiti's products at these links to find the corresponding Rocket or NanoStation models and product specifications:


Sample configuration files for the NanoStation M5 are provided in the Sphere > Getting Started section of the knowledge base.

Although Sphere does not perform any voltage regulation on the PoE output, local testing has shown that a NanoStation M5 is able to be run off of an Anton Bauer battery (nominally 14.4 Volts) and will power the NanoStation M5 until about 12 Volts before the NanoStation M5 will power down.

Information on Ubiquiti's forums also seems to indicate that their products can accept a range of power input, in contrast to the nominal rating listed in the product data sheets:

See this article for additional information regarding the PoE characteristics on Sphere.



  • this is not a recommendation or endorsement of the above device for suitability in a particular environment. Be sure to perform wireless site surveys to determine what equipment and antennas are required for your particular settings. 


Please see this article for precautions on using the Sphere with PoE devices 

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