Installing the VidiU app / accessing the VidiU from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

The VidiU, VidiU Mini or VidiU Pro can be accessed from an iOS device ( iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad ) using either the VidiU app for iOS or a web browser.


VidiU app for iOS devices

The Teradek VidiU app allows you to configure and locally monitor a VidiU, VidiU Mini or VidiU Pro on the same network as the iOS device.


The VidiU app is available in the Apple iTunes store:


NOTE: Although the app is compatible with an iPad, the screen resolution was originally designed for iPhone / iPod Touch devices.

When searching for the VidiU app from an iPad, you must set the search to "iPhone Only" in order to see it in the results:



The VidiU app will not appear when searching with the the "iPad Only" filter applied.


Using a web browser

Apple iOS devices can also use a web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) to configure the VidiU as described in this article:

Accessing the Web User Interface of the VidiU from a computer

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