What are the Power over Ethernet / PoE characteristics on Sphere?


Sphere will passively output the same voltage that is received on the 2-pin LEMO power input (E) out the PoE RJ-45 port (G).

For example, if the input voltage to Sphere is 24 Volts on the LEMO input, the PoE output will also be 24 Volts.

If Sphere receives 12 Volts on its input, it will output 12 Volts on the PoE output.

NOTE: Sphere does not step up/step down the input voltage; be sure that your PoE-capable device is compatible with the output voltage provided by Sphere.



Voltage: 12 to 28 Volts

Current: 2 Amps (max)

Pin-out: Mode B

  • Pins 4,5 : DC+
  • Pins 7,8 : DC- (return)


PoE Standards

The PoE output is passive and will output power to any connected device when Sphere's PoE power switch (B) is turned on.

Sphere's PoE-capable port is NOT compatible with the 802.3af / 802.3at Type 1 ( IEEE 803.3af-2003 ) or the 802.3at Type 2 ( IEEE 802.3at-2009 ) standards.


Please see this article for precautions on using the Sphere with PoE devices 


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