How to power the Teradek Sphere


The Teradek Sphere has a total of two (2) 2-pin LEMO inputs that accept a range of 12 to 28 Volts DC.

These LEMO power inputs are labeled (E) in the Sphere Quick Start Guide.

The LEMO power inputs are the only way to provide power to the Sphere -- the Sphere cannot be powered from Power over Ethernet / PoE sources.



  • Pin 1 : GND
  • Pin 2 : +DC

NOTE: Pin 1 is closest to the red dot on the LEMO connector.


Redundant Power Input

The two power inputs are redundant -- if Sphere is powered from both LEMO inputs and one power source is removed, the Sphere will continue to operate from the other power input.

  • Input 1 is the primary input and has higher priority
  • Input 2 is the secondary / auxiliary input and has lower priority


It is not required to match the two power inputs in terms of input voltage -- for example, Input 1 could be 12 Volts and Input 2 could be 24 Volts.

However, the each power input should be sufficient (in both Volts and Amps) to power both the Sphere as well as all devices connected to the Sphere over PoE and USB.


No Power Loop-Through

There is no power loop-through functionality on the 2 LEMO inputs -- each one only serves as an input.

For example, if one Sphere unit is taking input from an external power source on Input 1, that first Sphere cannot loop out power on its Input 2 to provide power to a second Sphere unit.

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