What are the RS-422 serial port characteristics on Beam?


The RS-422 serial port on Beam is full duplex to allow bi-directional external control.


  • Baud rate: the RS-422 serial port on the Beam has a maximum baud rate of 115,200 bits per second / 115.2 kbps.
  • Stop Bit: 1 or 2
  • Character Size: can be set from 5 bits (CS5) to 8 bits (CS8)
  • Parity: Odd, Even, or Disable
  • Flow Control: always disabled (no option to enable)



The RS-422 port is configured in the Web UI of the Beam, as described in section 2.2 of the Beam User Guide (download links available here).

The Beam transmitter / TX configuration is shown on page 15, while the Beam receiver / RX configuration is shown on page 21.


Pinout / pin configuration

The RS-422 pinout / pin configuration is listed in section 3.7 of the Beam User Guide.


  Pin 1: RXD positive

  Pin 2: RXD negative

  Pin 3: TXD positive

  Pin 6: TXD negative


NOTE: RXD (receive) refers to input into Beam, TXD (transmit) refers to output from Beam.

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