How to send a Teradek Stream / TDS stream to a T-RAX Decoder Card


The T-RAX has a single external IP address that is assigned to the Controller Card.

Each encoder card or decoder card has a unique, internal, private IP address that is assigned to it based on which slot it's inserted into in the T-RAX chassis.

These internal, private addresses for the codec cards are not displayed in the T-RAX web user interface (web UI) and cannot be modified by the user.

Ports on the external IP address of the T-RAX controller card are transparently mapped to the internal private IP addresses and separate internal listening ports on the codec cards inside the T-RAX chassis.

This external port mapping is configured in the CardsPort Mapping menu in the T-RAX web UI.


Teradek Streaming / TDS Stream Configuration

To push a Teradek Streaming / TDS stream to a Decoder Card inside the T-RAX chassis, you would configure your Teradek encoder to send to the external mapped port on the external T-RAX IP that corresponds to the internal decoder card on that specific slot.

The default external ports for Teradek Streaming are shared with MPEG-TS port forwarding and are listed below:

  T-RAX Card Slot      External Port     Internal Port  
1 9711 9710
2 9712 9710
3 9713 9710
4 9714 9710
5 9715 9710
6 9716 9710
7 9717 9710
8 9718 9710


NOTE: always leave the internal decoder card's listening port as 9710 in the Cards > Configuration > Edit menu for each decoder card. The controller card transparently handles all external port forwarding to the internal address and port that's used on the decoder card.



1. Sending Teradek Streaming over Unicast / UDP to a decoder card on slot 5

If you have T-RAX with a Controller Card IP address of, and a decoder card on Slot 5:


Encoder / Teradek Streaming source settings


  • Destination IP address:
  • Destination port: 9715
  • Protocol: UDP


T-RAX decoder card settings

  • Decoder Mode: Teradek Stream
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Port: 9710


2. Sending Teradek Streaming over Multicast to a decoder card on slot 7

If you have T-RAX with a Controller Card IP address of, a Multicast destination IP address of on port 4000, and a decoder card on Slot 7:


Encoder / Teradek Streaming source settings

  • Stream Mode: Teradek Streaming
  • Mode: Manual
  • Target: Cube Decoder
  • Protocol: Multicast
  • Destination IP Address:
  • Destination Port: 4000
  • Multicast TTL: as defined by your network requirements

T-RAX decoder card settings

  • Decoder Mode: Teradek Stream
  • Protocol: Multicast
  • Host:
  • Port: 4000



Applies to:

T-RAX Controller Card

T-RAX Encoder Card

T-RAX Decoder Card

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