Are Teradek products ONVIF or PSIA conformant for use with NVR / VMS ?

Teradek products are not developed for native integration with Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), or Video Management Systems (VMS).

Therefore, Teradek products are not ONVIF or PSIA conformant with other products and solutions in that market segment.

Although it may be possible to use Teradek products in these types of systems, integration or configuration of 3rd party products is not directly supported by Teradek.

For example, some customers have reported using Teradek encoders such as the Cube with Milestone System's products (configured under the Universal Driver) on a local network, and they were able to receive the stream without issue.

However, another customer indicated that they were having difficulties with the Milestone software obtaining the Ethernet MAC address of our encoders when used on remote connections across the Internet, and they were in touch with Milestone to address the issue since it was a Milestone-specific problem rather than something on the Cube encoder's side.

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