Can I convert from HDMI input to SDI output directly on the 2nd or 3rd gen Bolt TX?

3rd gen Bolt TX : 500 / 1000 / 3000

The 3rd gen Bolt TX units are the only Bolt series that can receive an HDMI video input on the TX and output it on the SDI loop-through directly on the same TX.


2nd gen Bolt TX : 300 / 600 / 2000

The 2nd gen Bolt TX units can only output on the SDI loop-through on the TX when the video input is from an SDI source. 

It's not possible for 2nd gen TX units to cross-convert from HDMI input on the TX to the SDI loop-through of the TX.

This cannot be added through a firmware update on the 2nd gen units because there is no internal hardware path between HDMI and SDI directly on the TX unit.


All Bolt models: 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation

Wireless conversion of different video input / output signals between Bolt TX and Bolt RX has always been possible for all Bolt models and generations.

Refer to this article for additional details.


Applies to:

  • 2nd gen Bolt 300
  • 2nd gen Bolt 600
  • 2nd gen Bolt 2000
  • 3rd gen Bolt 500
  • 3rd gen Bolt 1000
  • 3rd gen Bolt 3000
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