Why won't the Broadcast View work in the Web UI of the VidiU?


When the VidiU is set to Manual RTMP mode, the Broadcast View page in the Web UI of the VidiU may not be able to play back the stream.



The Broadcast View page is provided as a convenience and may not work with all CDNs or streaming servers.

The Broadcast View uses the FlowPlayer application in a local web page contained within the Web UI of the VidiU.

FlowPlayer allows the playback of RTMP streams using RTMP URLs.

If your streaming server/CDN allows playback from the ingest-specific URL (e.g. Wowza Media Server, assuming that this is allowed by the configuration for that specific Wowza application on the server) then you could use the same inbound/ingest RTMP URL in the Broadcast View page to view the published stream.

However, many streaming service providers such as Akamai provide separate, playback-specific RTMP URLs and/or web pages for viewing the stream.

These URLs and pages are separate from the ingest/publishing URLs.


Only RTMP URLs are supported for use with the Broadcast View page.

Playback-specific HTTP-based URLs / web pages cannot be entered into the Flowplayer configuration on the Broadcast View.

If your streaming provider doesn't provide an RTMP-specific playback URL, then you must use a separate web browser tab with the web page / HTTP-based URL for viewing the stream.

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