What Teradek Encoders are compatible with Core?

The Core service is only compatible with specific Teradek hardware and software encoders.





  • Cube (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation) as a standalone device*
  • Cube (1st, 2nd generation) with the original Bond
  • Bond II (aka Bond 2)
  • Bond Pro
  • Slice Encoder
  • T-RAX Encoder

* As of firmware version 7.3.7 or later (1st gen/2nd gen) or 7.5.0 or later (3rd gen), Cube Encoders no longer require the purchase of the MPEG Transport Stream license or the free Bonding license when used with the Core service. 


Not Compatible

  • Beam
  • Clip
  • COLR
  • VidiU (original)
  • VidiU Mini
  • VidiU Pro




The following Teradek software and apps are compatible with Core, and can send a stream to a Core-controlled Sputnik server:

  • Live:Air
  • Live:Air Solo
  • Sphere


Not Compatible

The following Teradek software and apps are not compatible with Core:

  • Bond Monitor
  • Live:Air Remote
  • TeraCentral
  • TeraClip
  • TeraView
  • VidiU App




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