What streaming methods are supported by T-RAX Encoder Cards?

T-RAX Encoder Cards support the following streaming methods:


MPEG Transport Stream : Unicast/TCP, Unicast/UDP, Multicast/UDP.

 * NOTE: this license is built-in to the encoder card, no external/paid license is required


Sputnik Direct : Unicast/TCP. This mode allows streaming to a Sputnik server.

 * When streaming to a standalone Sputnik server, MPEG-TS can be generated by the Sputnik; RTMP can not be generated by the Sputnik server in this configuration

 * When streaming to a Core-controlled Sputnik server, multiple MPEG-TS and RTMP streams can be generated from a single source

Teradek Streaming : Unicast/UDP, Multicast/UDP

RTP/RTSP : Unicast/TCP, Unicast/UDP, Multicast/UDP

RTSP Announce : Unicast/TCP

RTP Push : Unicast/UDP, Multicast/UDP

Wowza Streaming : RTMP with Wowza-specific configuration options for Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine

HTTP Live Streaming / HLS : allows a single client to pull down HLS segments from the T-RAX Encoder; HLS segments are not pushed to a remote destination or server.


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