COLR - Quickstart

In this video we’ll set up your Colr unit out of the box to grade your footage live on set.

Power on your unit using the included power supply.

After the unit boots, plug your source, which can be a feed straight from the camera or the output of a Bolt, into your SDI or HDMI input.

Plug the output of your Colr into a monitor.

Connect to your unit’s wifi network, which will be COLR followed by the unit’s serial number.

In your web browser, enter to log into your unit. The username and password is 'admin'.

From here you can select 3D LUTs and CDL presets, save them to your Colr, and apply them to your feed.

Once you apply the LUT, you can select either split screen or full screen for your color grade.

You are now ready to use Colr in your on­-set monitoring workflow.

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