Clip - Quickstart Guide

Today, we’ll setup your Teradek Clip.

Out of the box, your Clip is ready to stream directly to your iPad.

Attach the included antennas. Provide power to the clip, and plug in a video source.

You will see four blue LED’s turn on. The AP light, which confirms that the Clip is in Access Point mode. WiFi, confirms that the Wireless is active. The Encoder light which confirms that your stream is available. And lastly the video light, confirming a video input.

Now that your Clip is ready, let’s connect your iPad. Go to the App store to download the app. Search, TeraClip and hit install.

While this is installing, connect your iPad to the Clip’s Wifi.

Go to... Settings. WiFi.

Your clip’s WiFi SSID is Clip­ followed by the serial number of your device, which can be found at the bottom of the chassis.

Open the Clip application. Allow a few seconds of buffer time.

Check out our next tutorial going over the Clip application and adjusting settings.

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