VidiU Pro - Manual Platform Setup (RTMP)

Setup your VidiU to stream to your CDN using an RTMP Url for popular CDN's such as Justin.Tv, Dacast Periscope, and Ooyala and for fine control of Youtube and Facebook.



To Stream to Facebook via RTMP:

To stream to Youtube via RTMP:

  • Go to the Creator Studio
  • Click Live Streaming
  • Click Stream Now
  • Scroll down to "Encoder Setup" near the bottom of the page.
  • Copy and paste the Server URL and Stream Key into the appropriate fields.
  • Set the manual settings to the limitations of your upload speed

Here are the Youtube Suggested Resolutions:

To Stream to Periscope via RTMP:

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    Thorvardur Godi Valdimarsson

    Dear Teradek, 

    I used all day yesterday, trying to stream to DaCast from my X-70, through my brand new VidiU Pro, set up as a client on our home WiFi. On Tuesday, I will be streaming an event Live, and would really appreciate assistance. 

    I have been streaming to Facebook Live, without any problems. Also Youtube works great, no problems there. 

    The reason I need to go through DaCast is that it seems to be the only possibility for me to stream to Twitter, Facebook and on a webpage, simultaneously at the moment, since Core doesn't allow me to subscribe with my VidiU Pro. 

    I have gone through the settings many times, upgraded the VidiU Pro to the latest firmware, re-created all channels and events with Dacast, but it always fails to go live, and their support people seem to have given up. 

    Is there any chance that anyone at Teradek knows about any issues with streaming to Dacast? The tutorial video seems very simple, and the instructions from Dacast are also simple, but neither seem to work. 

    What should I check, inspect, do?   

    Thank you in advance. 

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    Ron Geer

    I am having the same problem.  Have you heard back?  Vidiu pro won't go live.  Says, Ready, starting, ready....

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    Ron Geer

    Okay, so it's fixed.  You can't use the same user name and password for logging in to Dacast.  You have to use the one provided under the encoder setup.

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