COLR - WiFi Configuration

Today we’ll go over configuring your Colr to use AP (Access Point) and Client mode.

Your Colr defaults to AP mode, so we can jump into changing settings through the web UI.

I’m already logged into my cube’s web UI using the IP

Click on the menu button at the top left of the screen, then network settings.

Click edit under Wifi settings.

Here you can choose AP mode or Infrastructure mode, or turn Wifi off entirely

In either WiFi mode, you can change security settings, and IP address mode.

In AP mode, you can change your unit’s broadcast SSID and channel band.

At this point your Colr is set up to be its own access point, but if you have a router set up on set, you can connect to it using infrastructure mode.

Click on the browse button to scan for networks and connect to your network (entering your password if needed).

Change your IP address mode if needed, then click apply.

Your Colr is now set up for WiFi connectivity!

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