VidiU - YouTube Live Setup

Teradek VidiU features a native YouTube Live integration. Check it out!

Hi, this is Teradek Mark and Today we will utilize the native YouTube Live integration with your Teradek VidiU.

For the first few steps of this tutorial, YouTube Live account authentication, we suggest having your computer and VidiU in infrastructure mode on a network with an internet connection.

This needs to be done once, only when you log into a new YouTube Live account.

My VidiU and Computer are both connected to my network Teradek Tutorials.

I’ll open up the TeraCentral app to access my VidiU’s user interface.

Now that I have access to my VidiU, let’s authenticate our YouTube Live Account.

Go to Settings > Broadcast

Under Platform, change the Mode to YouTube Live.

Click, Authorize Your VidiU

Go to the URL provided.

Select the YouTube Live Account you wish to authorize.

Now, copy the Code that VidiU has generated and paste into the url page.

Press continue and allow access. Once confirmed, you can close the window.

Back to the VidiU settings, you will see a confirmed Authentication.

Click Continue

Now that your VidiU is authorized, you will only need to repeat this process if you are connecting to a different YouTube account.

If you already have events created on your Youtube Live account, the Events list will auto populate.

I do not have any events created, so let’s create a new event with optimized settings.

Setup your basic information as desired.

Once complete, make sure to switch the Type, to Custom.

Create event

Now at ingestion settings, select custom ingest.

Let’s go back to the VidiU settings page and refresh the events list. You will now see the channel we just recently created.

Select the event.

Your VidiU is now connected and ready to Preview and Go Live.

Set your quality based on your available bandwidth. We recommend running a speed test to do so.

Please note, YouTube Live will lock in these quality settings when you initiate a preview.

Click Apply

Now that you are ready to go live, let’s take a look at a couple more integrated YouTube Live features.

As you may know, YouTube Live allows for a preview of the stream before going live.

With the VidiU, you have two options.

By selecting Preview, you are sending the stream to YouTube Live, however it is not Live.

With this feature, you can confirm the stream before going live.

Once in preview mode, you can press Go Live on the YouTube Live page, or you can Go Live natively with VidiU.

Simply select, GO Live. This will bypass the preview mode of YouTube Live and make the feed Live.

To stop the stream, you have a few options based on YouTube Live’s features.

If you are streaming in preview mode, simply press stop to disconnect the stream.

If you have Gone Live, you have two options, Complete or Stop.

Stop will discontinue the video stream hitting the channel, however your YouTube Live channel will still be live.

By pressing Complete, you will not only disconnect the video stream, you will also Complete your Event.

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