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Configuration - Huawei E3276




  • Rob Paddock

    Has anyone had issues where the latency on the hi-link version of the dongles have massive ping times and keep suspending (assuming the suspending is due to the being large ping times greater then the buffer)

    I have witnessed up to 35seconds. I have a screen print where the dongles go into suspended state on a regular basis

    We trying to find out what is causing it but not really getting anywhere

    The firmware on the dongles starts with 22 and the are branded as Hi link

    The dongles are a mix of UK networks and no 2 networks are next to each other and also extended away from each other to make sure it was not interference caused by other dongles.

    Just not sure why we are getting this regular packet drop.


    The dongles are discovered as Custome > ethernet as recommended due to them working in a router mode. Have been looking into flashing them into modem only mode but with no real success

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  • netgeppo

    Good morning! Have you solved your problems? Which recommended dongle for the Bond (1) Thank you

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