ShareLink Overview

Let’s take a look at the new Sharelink functionality introduced with VidiU Pro

ShareLink bonds multiple internet connections together in order to maximize bandwidth and connection reliability.

With the robust connectivity of ShareLinkTM, you can be sure that your HD live video feed will get to your audience every time

VidiU Pro accepts Full HD video via HDMI input and streams to the platform of your choice. Use Bluetooth to configure destinations and connectivity with the free VidiU app available for iOS and Android

Utilize Ethernet, WiFi, or USB for internet connectivity.

If WiFi is in client mode, you can connect to an existing wifi network; in AP mode, you can utilize 4 iPhone cellular connections at once to strengthen your connection. (Android devices are unsupported)

With Sharelink’s ability to create more bandwidth, you can be sure that your HD live video feed will get to your audience every time. ShareLink is available as a subscription plan accessed through the VidiU App or

From here you can broadcast your events to popular natively integrated streaming platforms like Ustream, Livestream, Twitch, and YouTube Live, or as manual RTMP address to services like Wowza Streaming Server. VidiU Pro is compatible with virtually every streaming platform, so you can choose where and when to go live.

You are now ready to set up Sharelink and go live using VidiU Pro!

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