RESOLVED : VidiU / VidiU Pro : front panel display stuck on checking for firmware update screen


  • VidiU
  • VidiU Pro


  • 2.3.5
  • 2.3.6


If a VidiU or VidiU Pro is set to check for automatic firmware updates and is booted with a network connection present, the front panel will remain stuck on the "Checking for firmware updates ..." text.

The front panel will not be usable in this case, but the unit is still accessible through the built-in web page or the VidiU app.


This issue is fixed in the 2.3.7 firmware release which is available as of January 27th, 2016. This firmware will need to be manually updated onto the unit as described in Options 2 or 3 below.


Option 1.

Disconnect the device from the network connection (Ethernet) while it boots, then re-connect after the boot process has completed.

Once the unit has finished the boot process you may perform a firmware update using the instructions in Option 2 (front panel) or Option 3 (web interface).


Option 2.

Use the front panel interface to turn off the automatic firmware update check with these instructions:

  • Press the black Menu button > System Settings > Firmware Updates > change Auto Check to Off

In this case, the network can remain connected to the VidiU while it boots.

After the unit has booted, you can manually check for firmware updates on the VidiU's front panel with these instructions:

  • Press the black Menu button > System Settings > Firmware Updates > Check For Update 


Option 3.

While the VidiU or VidiU Pro is stuck in this state, you can manually update the firmware or change settings with the app or the VidiU's web page:

Accessing the web user interface of the VidiU from a computer

Manually updating the VidiU firmware using the web UI



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