VidiU Pro - Quick Start

Let’s set up your VidiU Pro Out of the Box to stream to a CDN.

Power on your VidiU Pro using the included power supply.

Once the VidiU Pro is powered on, connect your camera source to the VidiU Pro using the included HDMI Cable.

Now let’s connect to and configure your VidiU Pro using the VidiU App on an iPhone.

Enable bluetooth on your iPhone, then open the VidiU App.

Under “Bluetooth Devices”, you should find your VidiU Pro.

Now let’s get it connected to your wireless network.

Click on your VidiU Pro, then select WiFi when prompted for connection method.

If your mobile device is already connected to a network, the VidiU will automatically fill in the SSID, so you’ll only need to enter the password.

I’ll add, remember that the access point that you will connect with, needs internet access, if not you won’t be able to stream.

Once your mobile device and VidiU Pro are connected to the same network, we can set up our destination. If your destination isn’t natively supported by VidiU, you can still enter information manually.

Today I’ll be streaming to Ustream.

Enter your username and password.

After logging in, select your channel.

Go back to the home screen of the app, then hit the green button to start your broadcast.

You are now live!

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